Green Team Column #7: Zero Waste, the Environment and You

Zero Waste, the Environment and You

Zero Waste is the new environmental buzz phrase of the moment and for some of us, the idea of creating no rubbish in our daily lives seems near impossible.

The big problem with using the term Zero Waste is that it seems like such an all or nothing prospect with no middle ground to hide in. What we have to remember though is that change doesn’t happen overnight; it is a journey to a goal and you don’t need to change everything all at once. What might seem like small, almost insignificant changes to the way we behave, can add up to massive benefits for the environment. And the best part is, each change you make gets a little easier as you go.

Start small. Ask yourself first ‘Do I really need that? There is nothing wrong with the answer being yes, you just have to follow that question with ‘Can I get it without the disposable packaging?’ Maybe you can bring your own coffee cup, or your own salad bowl – it’s worth asking. Maybe you don’t need the plastic spoon/fork/straw.

Positive anti-plastic actions are happening all around us, with New World leading the way and now Mitre 10 will be stopping using plastic bags in a few weeks too. The UN’s World Environment Day, 5 June every year, has “Beat Plastic Pollution – if you can’t reuse it, refuse it” as its theme this year.

Sometimes what we need is a little inspiration, someone to show us just how easy it can be to take those first steps and how small those steps can be.

We are fortunate to have ‘The Rubbish Trip’ visiting Westland District Library on 6th June to inspire us with ways to reduce waste – and they’ll be sharing rubbish free snacks too, so put 5.30pm, 6th June in your diary and start your own Zero Waste journey today.

‘The Rubbish Trip’ has been created by Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince who call themselves Two No-Waste Nomads! They have drawn on their three years of zero waste and wide-ranging research to help guide us through the whys and hows of life without a rubbish bin. We know that what goes into the rubbish bin doesn’t disappear, it ends up in landfill and can cause problems from there.

So come and discover innovative examples of reducing waste from around the globe that will help you reduce the rubbish in your life – and our community.


Photo: Hannah and Liam, the No-Waste Nomads!

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